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Getting Started


I’m looking forward to taking on blogging related to a major life passion and my profession, developing endurance athletes.

I have been an endurance coach for 20 years, and have been fortunate to coach folks to masters and age group podiums and titles at national and world championships, as well as helping folks take up endurance sport as a tool to stay healthy. During that time I’ve been fortunate to present at major conferences like the National Strength and Conditioning Associations Annual Conference and Endurance Training Symposium as well as USATriathlon coach training seminars and to write for magazines like Inside Triathlon, Triathlete, Trail Runner, Running Times, Runners World, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe,  

It’s been an amazing journey, with serious life bumps and bruises, and a LOT of learning.

My hope is to use this venue to help develop my own thinking, and to provide good info that helps visitors to the site train better for the sports they are tackling.

The picture above was from the first mountain bike ride I could do outside this spring due to serious snow and ice over the winter.  It was a start… I’m looking forward to seeing what trails this takes.

Thanks for stopping in